PromoEducation is a Non Governmental Organization located in Benin and working in the sector of Education. We are officially known and registered by the Benin government, respectively under: N°4/037/PDZ-C/SG/STCCD-Assoc of Mai 14, 2012 and N°4/054/PDZ-C/SG/STCCD/-Assoc of December 31, 2014.

PromoEducation is registered in the Official Journal of the Republic of Benin under N° 03 of February 1, 2015

PromoEducation is owner of a Certificate of Physical and Professional Existence in the Republic of Benin under N°2015/AT/019/MCRI/DDCRI/Z-C/SA

PromoEducation signed the agreement N°1634MEMP/DC/SGM/DDEC/SC/SP of August 24, 2015 with the Ministry of Pre and Primary Education allowing us to legally work with the formal system of education in Benin.

Charlemagne EDJEKPOTO


Charlemagne EDJEKPOTO

Curriculum Leader
Former Fulbright scholar
Oklahoma State University USA

Our vision

Within space and time, PromoEducation remains a dynamic and active educational institution, member of international networks of professionals and decision makers at the service of an education for a sustainable development.

Our mission

Contribute to the improvement of the quality of education in the world.

Our strategies

PromoEducation focuses on the mobilization of education competences. Therefore, we host in our guest house in Abomey Benin, education practitioners from over the world and we involve them in curricular and extracurricular activities going on in the departments and school districts in the country. This gathering of professionals gives rise to :

  • - Capacity building, notably Leadership development.
  • - Formations of dynamic networks of education practitioners.
  • - New findings and new ideas experimentations.
  • - Inclusive participation to actions targeting at reaching international development goals in education

Our guest house is an excellent platform for discussion, ideas sharing, training, updating in trends and experimentation of findings and discoveries in education.


Our credo is :
All our efforts target at fulfilling that :

  1. Every child at school
  2. Has access to quality teaching/learning opportunities
  3. To become a citizen aware of national and global challenges
  • - To support the efforts of national and international institutions in the promotion of « Education for all ». This explains our close collaboration with local organizations concerned with social promotion and protection of early childhood. In accordance with education goals stated by international organizations, UN included, PromoEducation fights for an education which inclusively benefits from an international commitment favoring access to school to all child wherever he is. We dream of an education strengthened by local organizations and supported by international assistance.
  • - To create favorable conditions for an appealing and enriching teaching and learning. That is why we create opportunities for education practitioners to meet, live and work together. We believe that to be a good channel for experiences sharing and leadership development. We pull on the same platform in our guest house, educators from divers nationalities and background so that they can discuss ideas and share talents and points of view over pedagogical issues. As for learners, we are committed to creating and improving conditions for quality learning; this includes ensurance of : classrooms meeting norms, reasonable class sizes, adequate infrastructures, promotion of students' rights, students' scholarly charges support ...
  • - To give education practitioners who come to Benin on a program at PromoEducation the opportunity to make enriching experiences through formal and casual meetings with local and international peer professionals of different talent and background. We promote exchange of ideas and practical experiences to allow education practitioners, gain deep insights in how international challenges are integrated in teaching and learning. We intend to make them active educators without borders; ambassadors of an education for a sustainable development. Consequently, we fight to offer the most inclusive exchange programs and services available. We pull together the greatest resources and the most experienced and passionate staff in the field, and we work to ensure that everyone has access to experiences that increase the influence of education practitioners within the global education community.