Donations are basically used to cover the scholarly supplies needs of orphanages or to fill equipment gap of needy schools. The number of orphans in Abomey is estimated at 500 children living in two categories of orphanages. The first is the ones created and run by religious associations and the other, created by a compassionate individual who suddenly finds himself obliged to take care of a group of children fallen into vulnerability as a result of various despairing situations. Most of the time, this group of children is initially small but grows bigger and bigger as some other needy children join in, making the already limited potential of the compassionate impossible to cover the needs. Your donations basically serve to fill up the gap of that category of orphanages where most of the time, children live in very critical situations.

We also use the donations to meet the quality improvement requirements of education in some pre, primary and high schools in Abomey and beyond: formations, workshops, seminars ...

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