We develop two international programs : Education Leaders and Sponsoring


We can host and accommodate education practitioners from any country. Our guest house is a suitable place for meeting and working with peer professionals worldwide. PromoEducation is actively fighting for the promotion of an inclusive global education. Planning involves the visitor in curricular and extracurricular activities going on in school districts and departments in Benin. Through this program PromoEducation is committed to international languages promotion.


  1. French, English, Spanish or German Teachers
  2. Education Practitioners with a littler knowledge of French ; They include :
    • Students from Teachers' schools, teachers, instructors willing to have a practical work experience in Africa, in new settings, with new realities.
    • Researchers in education looking for field assistance and relevant information for their work.
    • Tourists, education practitioners and academics volunteering to share a bite of their talents and know-how.
    • Students in the field of education looking for a work experience in ESL context abroad, teachers and young professionals.
    • Teachers Trainers in ESL.
    • Educational administration officers and academics.
    • Leaders and decision makers in education for a sustainable development.
    • Members of national and International Organizations working for quality education and leadership capacity building in the field of education.
    • Members of networks working for the promotion of education including education in emergency.
    • Early childhood education specialists, primary, secondary, non-formal, technical, vocational, higher and adult education specialists.


Welcoming : The visitor is given accommodation in PromoEducation NGO's Guest House in Abomey the historical capital city of Benin. The NGO's staff members have the first and introductory workshop with the visitor to get acquainted with his profile and his expectations from his stay in Benin. This first workshop includes a briefing on the Competency Based Approach system of education in force in Benin. Then an office and work materials are given to the visitor.

Identification of a peer professional : Based on the profile of the visitor, a local peer professional is identified. Great care is taken for profile matching.

Planning : PromoEducation works closely with the Ministries of Education. Consequently, we officially receive both curricular and extracurricular activities planning from the Ministries and schools. Moreover, our informal knowledge of the field allows us to be constantly informed of any cultural exhibition and performance going on in Abomey and beyond. In fact, we believe that culture and education are strongly related. All these elements are used by the NGO, the visitor and his peer to design a professional schedule for the visitor. It includes classroom work, office work, field work and fun: guest speaking, seminars and conferencesÂ… French and local languages classes, trips, cultural performances involvement, local cuisine ...

Implementation : Under the guidance of the peer, the schedule is executed. The visitor is at times assigned a host family. The peer's family can also become a host family to the visitor.


PromoEducation supports the Every child deserves that global solidarity declared by the UN Secretary - General Ban Ki- moon on May 19, 2015 at the World Education Forum in Incheon, Republic of Korea. Accordingly, we offer a type of sponsoring targeting at mobilizing the international community around assistantship and global partnership for education. This program is twofold :

School Sponsoring

Individuals, group of individuals or humanitarian organizations can get involved in classrooms building, donation of new or used school supplies and equipments, and connection of schools to schools. School Sponsoring also means the creation of suitable conditions for the linkage of two different schools.

Student Sponsoring

This program allows connection of a student or a group of students to a compassionate individual or group of people for a partial or a complete scholarly assistance. A partial assistance is limited to school supplies whereas a complete assistance includes supplies, 3 daily meals and health care. Two or three times within a school year, sponsors receive from PromoEducation NGO a detailed feedback regarding students' achievements.


"Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children."